Are you concerned you may have mold in your home or business? Contact Glover Environmental for mold testing and mold inspection Cary NC. Our team is #1 for Cary mold inspection services. Mold can be hard to detect and locate, but mold inspections and mold testing in Cary from Glover Environmental will locate mold no matter where it hides. If you have signs of mold or have experienced water damage in your property, contact the mold inspectors in Cary from Glover Environmental for mold testing and mold inspections.

Mold Inspection Cary NC

Cary Mold Inspection Services from Glover Environmental

Mold growth can damage building materials, lower your air quality and lead to health problems. The mold inspectors in Cary from Glover will locate mold no matter where it is thriving. If you have experienced musty smells, prior water damage, wheezing or other upper respiratory issues that go away when you leave your property, or any other warning signs of mold, it is a good idea to contact Glover Environmental for mold testing and mold inspection Cary NC. A licensed technician from our team will provide a free consultation and schedule a Cary mold inspection. Glover Environmental will visually check for mold and provide mold testing in Cary that will come with an accredited lab mold identification report. Contact Glover Environmental today to learn more about mold inspection Cary NC.

Cary mold inspection

Air Sampling & Mold Testing in Cary NC

When you contact Glover Environmental for mold inspection Cary NC, our team will come to your property and examine areas of your property where mold is likely. Our Cary mold inspection company will check basements, crawlspaces, HVAC systems, attics, areas with prior water damage and other areas where mold can often be found. Once mold is located, we use mold testing in Cary to determine the type of mold present. Spores from mold are microscopic and proper identification requires a Cary mold test to determine the type. If mold inspections in Cary do not reveal any mold growth but many warning signs of mold are present, Glover Environmental will recommend air quality samples be taken. Air samples are take from areas we mold seems likely and provide results in about 24 hours. Both air quality samples and mold testing come with a detailed report that includes the source of the mold as well as a recommended strategy for mold removal and mold remediation Cary NC. Contact the mold inspectors in Cary from Glove Environmental today for a free consultation on air sampling and mold testing in Cary.


Contact us online or call 919-651-1616 for mold inspection Cary NC. Glover Environmental provides Cary mold inspection services that will locate mold anywhere in your commercial or residential space. Our mold inspectors in Cary will visually check for mold in attics, crawlspaces, basements, inside HVAC systems and in other areas where mold is likely. Once we locate mold, our mold testing in Cary will identify the type of mold present allowing us to develop an effective treatment method. Glover Environmental can also provide air quality testing that will locate mold even if we cannot find it visually.

Glover Environmental provides the very best mold inspections in Cary. We are also your trusted source for real estate mold inspections, crawl space dehumidifier installation,  insulation replacement, foundation repair, crawlspace encapsulationbasement waterproofing, demolition services, and mold remediation Cary NC. Contact us now for all of your air quality and mold services including mold inspections in CaryApex, Garner, KnightdaleRaleigh, Wake ForestMorrisville, ClaytonDurhamChapel Hill, and other service areas in the Triangle  and near Wilmington NC.

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