Crawl Space Mold Removal in Raleigh

Crawl Space Services & Repair in Raleigh, NC

Glover Environmental is your local leader in crawl space services in Raleigh, NC. Our staff has performed countless project in the triangle and have the knowledge and experience to handle your situation. Contact us now for all your Crawl Space mold issues.

Is your crawl space in bad shape, has someone said that you have mold in your crawl space or excess moisture? Raleigh Crawl Space Mold Removal is here to help you with your mold issues.


  • Hanging insulation “insulation drooping throughout crawl space area.
  • Built-up condensation on wood, insulation, or HVAC components
  • Standing water along foundation walls
  • Standing water in the middle of crawl space area
  • Strong mildew “sour” smell in crawl space area
  • Signs of physical growth on wood members in crawl area such as small spots or white foam looking growth on wood in crawl space.


Why is there mold in my Crawl Space in the Raleigh-Durham area?

The solution is our many services that we offer for waterproofing homes and buildings in the Raleigh “Triangle area”.

Many of the homes built here in the triangle area have crawl spaces that are open to the bare soil of the property. The spring and summer months bring high levels of humidity that creates damp conditions in crawl spaces. When you mix the natural soil releasing moisture and the high humidity levels in an enclosed area with cellulose material such as the wood floor joist you have a perfect condition for mold to grow and form on the wood under your crawl space.

In order for mold to grow you must have 3 things?

  • Moisture content above normal range
  • High Humidity levels that create excess moisture
  • Cellulose material such as wood

Mold in crawl spaces in the Triangle are a common problem that many homeowners will face during the lifespan of their home. The conditions are perfect for mold growth in the Triangle region of North Carolina. In most cases the molds starts as a slight discoloration on the wood members, and eventually form into actual spore structures on the building material.



Here are some of the actions that must be taken in order to eliminate mold growth from your crawl space.

  1. Find the source that is causing the moisture source such as “high humidity, leaking pipe, lack of ventilation, lack of vapor barrier on soil, water intrusion through the foundation blocks.
  2. Once you have found the source make sure to take actions to correct problem before trying to tackle the mold growth issue.

Mold growth has to be killed and removed; simply spraying a chemical on mold growth will not work. The mold must be physically removed and cleaned. The work can be very overwhelming to a non-experienced person. Mold remediation in most cases need to be addressed by trained and skilled professionals that have the knowledge and equipment to do the job correctly.