Crawl Space Encapsulation

Raleigh’s Premier Crawl Space Encapsulation Company

We give honest assessments of your crawl space and will give you several options that will address your issues. If your crawlspace is an ideal candidate for total encapsulation, we will be happy to provide a competitive proposal.


“Not all homes need total crawlspace encapsulation” yes you read that correctly, with the ongoing trend, encapsulation is being pushed hard due to the cost of the jobs and lack of knowledge of other cost-effective solutions to address moisture issues.


Over the last 10 years crawlspace encapsulation has been a popular trend when dealing with crawlspace moisture and mold. With that being said there are tons of companies that have popped up offering these services. Pest control, HVAC, and insulation companies all have tried to cash in on this trend. Although they may be installing the encapsulation correctly, we find that they don’t address the sources and mold growth if present. It’s best to hire a company that specializes in Mold remediation and moisture control.



“In simple terms” It allows you to mechanically control the environment in your crawlspace area and reduces the moisture in the conditioned space. Encapsulating creates an envelope of your foundation areas and allows conditions to be similar to that of the interior of your home. We provide encapsulation services per building codes and all work is backed by warranty given at the time of completion. Feel free to contact us for a free evaluation of your crawl space.